Aside from the popular Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coin, there is another addition to the meme coin cryptocurrency called Catecoin. This blog will introduce you to the new project. Discover what it is, its background, how to buy it, and more. Continue reading.

What Is Catecoin?

Catecoin is the first cat-themed catcoin, created with the goal of adding real value to the meme world. Meme creators may use the Catecoin Meme Platform to make NFTs and earn money from their memes in a decentralized manner.

How To Buy Catecoin?

1. Download Metamask and Create an Account

Go to and download the official Metamask extension for Google Chrome. Then, create an account by following the steps provided. Remember to save your recovery phrase. 

2. Buy BNB on the Exchange 

Purchase some BNB on an exchange platform like Binance. To buy Catecoin and pay for the gas, you will need to have BNB. You can withdraw BNB from your wallet once you’ve purchased it. 

3. Buy Catecoin 

You may now buy Catecoin with your BNB on Pancakeswap. There is also an exchange integration on It is a quick and secure way to purchase CATEcoin.

Staking And Reflection Of Catecoin

By staking $CATE tokens in the Catecoin Dapp, Catecoin holders may earn 15% APY. However, holders must stake for a minimum of 31 days. Besides, premature withdrawals are subject to a 20% penalty.

In addition, by just storing Catecoin in the crypto wallet, holders may earn $CATE. They also receive 2% of every purchase and sell transaction.


  • Catecoin’s Ecosystem controls 33% of the total supply. 
  • Market and Team control 10% of the total supply. 
  • Liquidity accounts for 7% of the overall supply. 
  • Development accounts for 5% of the total supply. 
  • 45% of the total supply is held by Burn and Supply.

NFTs And Gaming

In the Catecoin Marketplace, users can buy and sell cat NFTs. Moreover, users can enjoy and earn $CATE by playing the ‘Rise of Cats’ Play to Earn game.

Other Developments

Catecoin is releasing a play2earn game called Rise of Cats, and this token will be used as a reward token in that game, similar to how SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens are earned in Axie Infinity. Similarly, gamers who play the Rise of Cats game will earn a CatPay token. 

CatPay is a universal token in the Rise of Cats realm, and players can earn it by playing the game. CatPay can be utilized to enhance cats in-game, pay for tournament registration fees, and unlock new game features in the future.

The game’s CatPay tokens are all mined. Every CatPay used on in-game upgrades and a part of CatPay earned via tournaments will be burnt. CatPay will be bought back and burned with 1% of the marketplace’s transaction volume. 

Other than that, Catpay is creating a staking platform where users can earn catpay by staking popular meme coins such as Shiba Inu.

How To Invest In CATpay? 

Catecoin is hosting a Catpay public sale on Users who stake Catecoin tokens can participate. After the public sale, they can purchase the token directly from Pancakeswap.

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