Many investors were disappointed by the performance of Shiba Inu in 2022. It happened after the decline of the Shiba Inu coin by almost 90%. Thus, many investors are purchasing alternative coins like Bitgert or BRISE. With this, the Bitgert community has been growing exponentially. Crypto experts predict that more Shiba Inu investors would be selling their holdings to BRISE.

Core Facts Why to Invest in Bitgert

Growing ecosystem

Bitgert has been showing an ever-growing ecosystem and many crypto analysts agree with it. Considering Bitgert roadmap V2, it shows that Bitgert surpasses Shiba Inu in many ways. Many disruptive products like the decentralized marketplaces are coming into the Bitgert ecosystem.

Collaboration between Centcex and Bitgert

Another reason Shiba Inu holders invest in Bitgert is because of its partnership with Centcex. The collaboration aims to grow further the ecosystem of Bitgert, and provide more rooms for other products. If the ecosystem would grow continuously, the BRISE price is expected to explode.

USDC/USDT bridge

The BRISE chain utility increased after the Bitgert bridge was established and implemented. It is a cardinal development in the BRISE community. Likewise, establishing the USDT/USDC bridge is an additional improvement for the BRISE chain utility. The bridge is designed to facilitate fast, easy, and efficient swapping of USDT from other chains to the Bitgert chain.

The USDT/USDC bridge is growing because of the BRC20 zero gas fee. CoinGecko recognizes the USDT/USDC bridge.

On the other hand, Coingecko listed Shiba Inu, and analysts forecasted it to have a run-up to its goal price. Over a week, CoinGecko has seen an increase of 7.1% in trading. Thus, Shiba Inu is getting back on track.

Despite the ups and downs of this meme coin, still many investors are putting their money on it. Shiba Inu has transformed into a decentralized ecosystem. Within eight months, the price of this meme coin has soared to the value of $0.000084, equivalent to a 150,000 times increase.

The good thing about Shiba Inu is that you can trade it on BitGet, Coinbase Exchange, and Coinbase. You can also pair them when trading, such as SHIB/CAD, SHIB/USD, SHIB/INR, SHIB/IDR, SHIB/PHP, and SHIB/EUR.

As of today, the prevailing price of Shiba Inu is almost 2.06%. If the trend continues, we can say that investing in Shiba Inu is a smart choice. The Shiba Inu price prediction would increase to 44% before 2022 ends. If you’re thinking of investing, you should first understand how Shiba Inu works.

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