According to WhaleStats, the current holder of Shiba Inu reaches more than 1,215,811. It is a record-breaking milestone for Shiba Inu. The increase in the number of holders does not affect the price, but it is a long-term asset that is favorable to Shiba Inu.

Almost 1,000 ETH wallets are holding around 57,493,440,255,738 SHIB with approximate worth of $637,257,501. Another milestone of Shiba is being one of the most purchased tokens by the 500 biggest ETH whales. The trading of Shiba Inu reaches 6.10% with the price of $0.0000119.

Shiba Inu is continuously flourishing in the industry. As posted on the official Twitter of Shiba Inu is a teaser of a game console image that raises the expectations of many investors. Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of SHIB also shared the teaser with a GIF image that looks like a super creature on launch.

William Volk, a game veteran and lead consultant for games of SHIB commented that “something” is incoming for Shiba Inu. A partnership between Shiba Inu and The Third Floor was announced recently. The project is for the construction and design of the Metaverse Project. TTF, a world-class visualization studio will help Shiba to create video games and other visualization projects.

Shiba Inu also marked a milestone in the Philippines as it was listed on that has over 18 million registered users. It means users can access Shiba Inu not only in Asia but throughout the world. It is safe to use because it is regulated by the BSP and licensed as an EMIVC exchange.

This blockchain firm is easy to access through a smartphone app. The users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and access various financial services. According to the official website of, the blockchain firm has 300 happy employees and 7 million active users every month. Crypto analysts evaluated the price trend of Shiba Inu and they forecasted a bullish price of $0.0000140. For a week, Shiba Inu gained an increase of 7.1%.  

Aside from, Robinhood, and Bitstamp also listed Shiba Inu. These two are major exchanges in the European cryptocurrency market. After losing over 85% of its value, Shiba is setting a new high and remains in the top 15 spots having the largest market capitalization. Thus, increasing the token’s value by over 5% and reaching $7 billion.

With all the milestones achieved by Shiba Inu, we can say that investing in this dogecoin is worthy. All you have to do is be smart in making your investment decision. 

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