Businesses in which the employees are SHIB holders can use Shib Inu as payment for their salaries. This is in partnership with NOWPayments offering the Mass Payments tool. Businesses can integrate SHIB wages with other Shiba payments.

Benefits of using NOWPayments solution

Using Mass Payments offers many benefits to businesses, such as quick transactions, easy payment process, transparency, privacy, security, and accountability. Such a solution reduces the stress of processing the payments like the traditional payment methods. As long as the employees are SHIB holders, it would be easier to transfer the salary to their wallets.

Steps to paying salaries through SHIB

  • Any business who will use this payment solution must have a NOWPayments account. AN API key is required and must complete the NOWPayment form for payout requests.
  • The Mass Payment service must be activated by the account’s owner. A request must be sent to the official email address of NOWPayments.
  • After activating the service, the business owner can deposit SHIB. Click the “Create Mass Payout” option when sending the salary. A CSV file is required indicating the amount every employee must receive, including the wallet address.
  • After clicking the proceed button, the payment will be sent to the wallet address of the employee.

Aside from payment for salary, you can also use Shib INu as payment for food delivery services. DooDash and Uber Eats are accepting SHIB payments. This payment solution is made possible through the partnership of BitPay and Shiba Inu.

SHIB holders can order meals from restaurants and have them delivered by Doordash and Uber Eats. BitPay also announces three options for purchasing foods using Shiba Inu. Other cryptocurrencies listed on BitPay include Dogecoin. Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Shib holders can use BitPay crypto cards when paying for food delivery services. Thus, spending their cryptocurrency like cash.

You can also use SHIB when booking flights and accommodations with XcelTrip. Organizing travel is a lot easier because of the easy payment solution. Shib holders can book their flights to more than 450 airlines or car rentals, and book accommodations to almost 2.3 million hotels in 73 countries worldwide.

In addition, luxury brands like Tag Heuer and Gucci also announced that they will allow customers to make purchases using Shiba Inu. Indeed, SHIB will continue to expand services in collaboration with more companies.

Despite the positive news, the price of this meme coin is continuously declining. The general situation of the market determines the price of Shiba Inu coin. 

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