It will be the first anniversary of the GameStop incident in two months. A revolutionary movement triggered only by one Reddit post. This phenomenon begs the question leading to the big elephant in the room. Will the SHIB Army get more prosperous this year? And when will SHIB reach 1$? In this article, let’s find out.   

The Russia – Ukraine Conflict   

The Russian invasion was an imperative call to action by NATO-lenient countries. However, this initiative triggered a decline in price on every coin in the crypto market. Why? The simplest explanation is that Western activists were funding the defense of Ukraine and even Russian activists were against their own military on the other side of the fence.   

Everyone in Europe was trying to stop this military action by the Northern Superpower. With this mutual idea by everyone, especially in Europe, a Crypto-dominant continent, this will trigger another call to move from the crypto community towards a more significant movement that will destabilize the Russian government’s display of dominance to their Slavic neighbor.   

The funding to stop the invasion itself is a substantial societal contribution of the crypto community to stop the war. However, with the situation worsening every day, this will hopefully trigger a downward pull for cryptocurrencies until the end of the first quarter.   

The Crypto Bowl   

Despite the downer that is the Russian invasion, the NATO lenient country US had expressed their interest to lessen taxes of crypto investing in Georgia. Moreover, Wall Street had expressed interest in opening a marketplace in Times Square lenient to the Stock Market.   

Economists theorized that the Crypto Bowl would be similar to the dot-com bubble. However, the dot-com bubble had two top-grossing websites up until today. Furthermore, websites like WebMD and Autotrader are still legitimately credible websites that offered their services back then, up until now. So, the trajectory of and the rest would not be too problematic. However, the 8.5 BTC raffle will not guarantee long-term investors.   

During the Super Bowl weekend, endorsers like Lebron James and Matt Damon had spearheaded the Super Bowl ads., EToro, and FTX each had their gimmicks. FTX promised to raffle 8.5 BTC for newly-registered crypto investors.   

If this happens, monetary transactions for crypto will open in other stock markets. Their exchange network will help more people get introduced to cryptocurrency investments in 2022. Therefore, there will be a significant change in market value for active cryptos once this happens.   

What triggered this paradigm shift in their expression of interest towards crypto? Surprisingly, the Super Bowl. Crypto Apps like Coinbase,, and EToro have paid millions just to put their ad on the Superbowl commercial breaks.    

The Crypto Bowl ads invited a new expression of interest from the state of Georgia and Wall Street. This can be big for US-based investors. Not to mention, Ripple and Binance are willing to defend their stand on Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the Crypto community. Their openness to face legal jurisdiction and follow laws under cybercrime laws and jurisdiction can positively reward the Crypto community. This action allows everyone to benefit if they have defended their cause.    

GameStop Anniversary   

The GameStop incident became a benchmark in crypto history because it was a moment of collective action of the people’s outrage as they used SHIBA and DOGE. GameStop was everyone’s go-to gaming provider, and the gamers literally “rise up” to the occasion.   

Why will this be a benchmark for SHIB in 2022? This year will be the first anniversary of the GameStop phenomenon. It will also be the anniversary of the formation of the SHIB army, a community of Crypto Investors involved in the GameStop incident. It truly wonders what one Reddit post can manifest positively and create significant change in the Crypto Community.   

What’s next for the SHIB army and its DOGE and Shiba Inu supporters? Now that there is a massive uproar against the Russian Government, donating crypto to the victims in Ukraine and its refugees would be an excellent place to start for the anniversary of the GameStop incident. If they want a sweet 4/20 for everyone, they have the means to do so on the first anniversary.    


SHIB is one of the most controversial meme coins in history. But, not because it’s a joke coin, SHIB and DOGE have effectively built clout of supporters that want to effect change in humanity. 

Now that the odds have doubled for them, it would be a surprise what they should do in the future. So, the true Shiba Inu price prediction in 2025 will depend on how the SHIB army conducts philanthropic actions in the future.  

Not to mention that DOGE burnt off 1 million coins to raise their value. So, if SHIB raises their value as well, there would be more space for Meme Coin investor money, which will probably create another ripple effect towards their community decisions. 

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